Queens Hospital Center School of Nursing Class of 1961
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Queens Hospital Center School of Nursing Class of 1961 - Sponsors

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    2015/2016 Sponsors:
    61':  June Naris Novak    
           Marion Schaap
           Holly Brazda Flood
           Elaine Pellegrinelli
           Mary Ann  Seil Morrison
           Elaine Phipany Schwartkopf
    62':    Pam Ryan DZ
            Sheila Corcoran
    71:     Kathy
    72:     Nancy Cowan Clare
    77':     Chris Colma Volz'

    2014 Sponsors:
    '59: Eunice Stewart
    61': Elaine Schwarzkopf, Alice Potts, June Eichele, Judy Kumpel, Dotty Bennett, Holly Flood,
          Joanne Eckert, Marieanna Trautmann, April Minin
    62': Bridget Atkinson, Marianne Giacolone, Jane LaRocca, Diane Aseffi, Diana Sears
    63': Theresa  Deukmedjian
    72': Nancy Clare

    2013 Sponsors:
    '59: Eunice Stewart
    '61: Barbara Coffin, Judy Kumpel, Maryjane Hickey, Peggy Cawley,CaroleAnn Ewen,
         MaryAnn Morrison, Dotty Bennett, Joyce Silver, Alice Joshi, Maryanne Hixon, June Eichele,
         Annette Krapf, Marianna Trautmann, Elaine Schwarzkopf, Marion Schaap, April Minin,
         Elaine O'Donnell, Helen Britt, Joann Eckert,Pam Dz, Holly Flood
    '62: Mary Rivers, Margaret Pfisterer, Diana Raymond Sears, Bridget Atkinson, Joyce Rohlsen
    '71; Kathleen Hunt
    '77: Chris Volz Coleman

    2012 Sponsors
    1961 Grads
    Norma Adams                   Helen Britt                Maryanne Morrison     April Minin
    Elaine Schwarzkopf         Marion Schaap          Alice Potts                   Maryjane Hickey
    Elaine O'Donnell               June Narus Eichele   Holly Flood                    Annette Krapf
    Judy Kumpel                     Alice Joshi                 Barbara Coffin             Linda Goropeuscek
    Dottie Bennett Jeffers    Marieanna Trautmann
    1959 Grads
    Eunice Stewart
    1962 Grads
    Bridget Atkinson           Joan Dunne Klima             Lorraine Rubino Levy
    1968 Grads
    Eileen lacijan
    1977 Grads
    Chris Coleman

    2011 Sponsors
    Norma Adams                                  Elaine Schwarzkopf
    Annette Krapf                                 Holly Flood
    April Minin                                       Alice Joshi
    Marion Schaap                                June Eichele
    Alice Potts                                       Judy Kumpel
    Barbara Coffin                                Joyce Silver
    Joan Dunne Klima  (62)                   Pam Ryan DZ
    Chris Volz Coleman (77)                 Bridget Atkinson (62)
    Joanne Carey Eckert

    2010  Sponsors

    Maryjane Hickey                        Alice Potts
    Maryann Morrison                      Caro lAnn Ewen
    Holly Flood                                   Elaine Schwarzkopf
    April Minin                                   June Eichele
    Marion Schaap                            Annette Krapf
    Alice Joshi                                    Bridget Atkinson
    Elaine O'Donnell                            Marianna Trautmann
    Pam Ryan Dz

    Pam Ryan DZ

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