Queens Hospital Center School of Nursing Class of 1961
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Queens Hospital Center School of Nursing Class of 1961 - Photo Galleries

Welcome to our Photo Galleries feature. If you or a group of classmates would like to start a separate special interest photo gallery you may submit a request by clicking on the contact administrator button.

  • 1 Year Reunion

  • 1 Year Reunion

  • 1 Year Reunion

  • 1 Year Reunion
  • 56 years Class 1961

  • 5 Year Reunion
  • Held  in the basement of the Residence.

  • 10 Year Reunion
  • The 10th Reunion was at Lancer's Restaurant, Lake Success, NY  , Sept.  1971

  • 16 Year Reunion
  • The 16th Reunion was an All Alumnae Party  for the closing of the Nursing School Program at QHC.

    Held in Manhasset, NY, at Lorraine Murphy's.

  • 25 Year Reunion
  • The 25th Reunion was held at The Villa Bianca, Flushing, NY, Sept. ¬†1986.

    Organizers:  Barbara Knudsen Coffin and Carol McDermott

    Attended by 26 classmates and  Ms Coote and Ms McCrea.

  • 35 Year Reunion
  • The 35th Reunion was held in Long Branch, NJ

    24 graduates attended

    Organizers:  Pam Ryan Dz  , Alice Redden Potts and Barbara Knudsen Coffin.

  • 37 Year Reunion
  • The 37th Reunion was held Sept. 25-26, 1998  at The Holiday Inn, Baltimore Inner Harbor, MD.

    Organizers: Carol Bannwath Ewen and Roseann Hurd Kessler.

    14 graduates attended.

  • 40 Year Reunion
  • The 40th Reunion was held  Sept. 20-23, 2001 at The Kelley House on Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

    Attended by 19 graduates

    Organizers: Pat McDonald Estigoy and Linda Lewis Spriggs

    Our new Friendship Quilt was presented to the class at this reunion. Designed by Alice Redden Potts and sewn and constructed by Alice Redden Potts and Alice Grace Joshi.

  • 42 Year Reunion
  • The 42nd Reunion was held in Las Vegas, Nevada,

    Attended by 17 classmates

    Organizers: Maryann Seil Morrison and Maryjane Schackelton Hickey

  • 44 Year Reunion
  • The 44th reunion was held in Mystic, CT   the weekend of Sept.24,2005.

    Attended by 17 graduates.

    Organizers: Alice Redden Potts and Pam Ryan Dz

  • 46 th ¬†Year ¬†Reunion
  • Our 46th reunion was held in Lancaster,PA ¬†at the Willow Valley Resort and Conference Center ¬†on Sept, 21-23, 2007.
    A great success, thanks to our Organizers:
    Marieanna Baumann Trautman  and  Joyce Casso Silver

  • 48 Year Reunion
  • Our 48th reunion was October 2-4, 2009 at The Southampton Inn, Southampton, NY

  • 50 Years Class 1961
  • The 50th reunion started with 6 grads boarding The ship CARNIVAL GLORY on sat.9/24/2011. ¬†The 7 day cruise departed from NYC with a stop in Boston, Bay of Fundy and Halifax, Canada. Those sailing were ¬†Maryann Morrison, Marion Schaap, Linda Goropeuschek, Alice Potts and Maryjane ¬†Hickey, all 1961 grads, and Bridget Atkinson, a 1962 grad.
    On Sunday, Sept 25th, the ship stopped in Boston wher...

  • 50 Years ¬†Class 1962
  • 50 Years ¬† Class 1962

    The reunion was held at the Marriott LaGuardia Hotel, East Elmhurst, New York
    Grads started arriving on friday, Sept. 21, 2012 and a hospitality room was available for all.
    The grand luncheon was held on saturday, Sept 22, 2012 in a private room, the Liberty Suite  for  4 hours, from 2:00pm - 6:00pm. The hospitality room was again available on saturday.
    Sunday bru...

  • 51 Years Class 1961
  • The¬† 51st Reunion was held September 28-30,2012 at the Willow Valley Inn and Resort in Lancaster,PA.

    Hosted by:   Linda Goropeuscek and Helen Britt

    16 attended: Annette Giordano Krapf, Dottie Jeffers Bennett, Maryanne Friederman Hixon, Peggy Kelleher Cawley,Alice Grace Joshi, Holly Brazda Flood, Barbara Knudsen Coffin, Roseann Hurd Kessler, Linda Morrone Gorospeucek, Helen Britt,  Mar...

  • 52 Year Reunion
  • 52nd Reunion: Class of 1961
    Held in Myrtle Beach, SC  Sept. 17-19, 2013
    Hampton Inn at Broadway on the Beach
    Dinner at Capriz Restaurant
    Hosted by Annette Krapf and Dottie Bennett
    13 grads attended

  • 53 Year Reunion
  • The 53rd reunion was held in Atlantic City, NY at the Trump Taj Hotel.
    Dinner 1/4 mile down the Boardwalk at the Irish Pub on St James Place
    Sept 23-24, 2014
    Hosted by: Carolann Ewen and Marianna Trautmann
    10 graduates attended ( plus 'friends')
    Marion Schaap, Barbara Coffin, Maryann Morrison, Pam Dz, Maryjane Hickey, Marianna Trautmann, Carolann Ewen, Annette Krapf,April Minin and Dotty B...

  • 55 Year Reunion
  • Class 1962  55th Reunion

  • 55 years Class 1961
  • 55th Reunion Class of 1961
    10 classmates came together for 3 nights in San Diego, California.
    We stayed at The Embassy Suites Hotel where daily full breakfast and free two hour happy hour was served each day.
    Location was near the Seaport Village and special dinner on Thursday evening at The Harbor House Restaurant.
    Hosted by Mary Ann Morrison and Mary Jane Hickey
    Also attending: Pam DZ Ry...

  • 56 Year Reunion
  • 56th 1961 Englewood , Florida, Buchans landing Resort

  • Bunch For Lunch
  • Classmates visiting from other states or just a  casual get together.

    Set up a luncheon if you plan to visit the area!

  • Class Museum
  • Help preserve our class history. Upload artifacts and memorbilia from our class past here in our class museum.

  • Club: Getting School Transcripts
  • Contains information on how/where to get transcripts.

  • Club: Quilt Guardians
  • A class quilt was designed and constructed by Alice Redden Potts and Alice grace Joshi and presented to the class during their 40th reunion in 2001 at Marthas Vineyard.
    It was decided at that time that one classmate would be the  guardian of the quilt between class reunions.  A new classmate would be elected to be the new guardian at each successive reunion.

  • Club: admin
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  • In Memory of
  • Forever young.......in memory of our classmates who have passed away. Let us not dwell on the circumstances of their passing but celebrate how they touched our lives.

  • Look at us now
  • Getting older and proud of it! Yes like it or not.....we're all getting a little grayer, a few more wrinkles, carrying a few extra lbs, a few less hairs. It's part of life! Share recent pictures of yourselves or with your families.. Simply click add photos link.

  • Looking Back
  • Classmates are going up in their attics, dusting off their scrapbooks and sharing their favorite personal photos from yesteryear. Help document the candid parts of our class past by posting your old personal photos.

  • School Years  ...September 1958 to 1961
  • Time to work and time to play,
    Time to learn and time to grow

  • We Got Together
  • Bunchs for Lunchs and more...........

  • Yearbook
  • Welcome to our electronic class yearbook. We hope you enjoy browsing these pages from our class past.

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